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Fractional Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

You have seen the research (inclusive companies make more money) and you have seen the progression (60% of Fortune 500 companies employ a Chief Diversity Officer or equivalent position). We can fill an entire web page with charts and graphs trying to sell you on the idea of an executive role with a focus on business inclusion, but we know that not every company is in the Fortune 500, and not every company has the capacity to hire a Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. That’s where we can help in a more cost effective way.


A fractional CDIO works on a contract basis, either short or long term. Here are some times where having one would be impactful.

You are growing.

Growth is exciting! But growing strategically is key, and periods of rapid growth can be stressful for an organization. New people managers, extra layers in the org chart, increased business and client demand, and a sudden influx in hiring can all put strain on a staff. If you're not strategic, you end up creating the same products and engaging the same audiences, just at a higher volume. A CDIO will not just guide your growth, but make sure you’re evolving as well.

You are looking for funding.

Having a CDIO means you can say to potential investors “Diverse companies with inclusive business practices outperform competition in profit and innovation by up to 35%. Companies with diverse leadership are 45% more likely to increase their market share and 70% more likely to capture new markets. We have both.”


That’s a pretty strong pitch.

You operate in a homogeneous space.

Organizations can become one-dimensional when leadership lacks diversity, resulting in products and content that engage a limited audience. To change this requires more than just strategic staffing. It requires a complex plan that addresses business development, leadership evolution, authentic audience engagement, and innovation. 

You want to

prevent crisis.

A good CDIO pays attention to the details that are most likely to cause a company crisis if left unchecked. Fixing a crisis costs companies money. Preventing a crisis costs less. You can afford a CDIO.


Can you afford a crisis?

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