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A note from Kogod & Company founder Sarah Kogod.


You’re likely reading this because your company faces challenges when it comes to inclusion and you want to be better. Perhaps you’ve seen the research that proves that companies who embrace an inclusive business strategy build stronger teams, generate more revenue, and outperform their peers in innovation.


But you’re not quite sure what to do with that information.


I started Kogod & Company after spending more than 15 years in homogeneous spaces, watching organizations struggle with the concepts of diversity and inclusion. Often the desire to be seen as “inclusive” meant that those efforts were siloed under the HR umbrella, or placed on the shoulders of the few employees who matched that company’s idea of diversity. Understandable, but misguided.


Diversity and inclusion is not an HR function. It’s a business function.


There are many large consulting firms offering a menu of trainings and workshops marketed to help companies become Diverse And Inclusive™. While some of these can be effective, in many cases an organization will spend significant money on these trainings and see little actual effect on their business.




Because diversity and inclusion are separate and complex spaces, and there is no one single formula for effecting change. Each organization faces different challenges with many possible solutions. Often an organization will execute a strategy before first understanding what they needed to address to begin with.


An inclusive workspace doesn’t just mean having a diverse staff. It means knowing how to grow strategically, nurture talent, and build products and digital content that reach audiences in an authentic way.


A menu of trainings alone isn’t going to get you there. A strong inclusion strategy should be tailored to your business.


At the root of it, inclusion is about how people feel. How your staff feels about their work culture. How your audience feels about your product. How your partners feel about your brand.


When they feel good, you look good.


So reach out and let’s chat. I can’t wait to meet you.


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