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A well-executed audit provides the foundation for meaningful and profitable change. We offer two different audit categories, and your audit will be customized to your organization.  

Business Audit

When we talk about diversity and inclusion, it can be tough to envision its role as a business function because the results of these efforts aren’t immediately tangible. But the correlation between diversity and financial success is direct. A recent in-depth study by McKinsey reinforced the idea that inclusive business practices give you a competitive edge.


Here are a few things a business audit can do:  

  • Take a deep dive into your digital content to find blind spots, holes and areas for improvement.

  • Get a look at your marketing strategy to discover missed audiences and opportunities.

  • Conduct an analysis of your advertising portfolio to discover partnership money you may be leaving on the table.

  • Conduct an audience audit. Women, people of color and the LGBTQ community are highly coveted demographics with more than a trillion dollars in combined spending power. We can help you reach them in an authentic way.  

  • Conduct a complete audit of your business policies and communications - both public and internal - to identify policies, processes and language that may be adversely affecting your company’s ability to be truly inclusive.

Culture Audit

Even with the most approachable Human Resources departments, there is still a wall between HR and the rest of the staff at most companies. While a good HR department can surface major workplace issues such as sexual harassment, they may not be in tune with the daily culture that can make a workplace non inclusive for already marginalized staff. Women, people of color, and LGBTQ people are statistically less likely to speak up in an uncomfortable environment.


Typical inclusion work takes a top-down approach. An expert is brought in to provide management training to the top of the org chart with the expectation that the training will trickle down. Studies have shown that this is largely ineffective and inefficient.


Our approach is bottom-up. We take time to have real, in-person conversations with the lower half of your company’s org chart. By doing this, we can get an intimate picture of the challenges your staff is actually facing and use that to inform our work.

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