Strategic Consulting

Creating and executing effective business inclusion strategies requires a unique combination of business knowledge, people experience, and an intimate understanding of the industry in which your company operates. Kogod & Company maintains a network of professionals and advisors who share a common desire to see companies like yours be more inclusive and ultimately more successful. Here are some targeted inclusion solutions we can provide.  

Content & Editorial

  • Digital content and storytelling strategy

  • Audience engagement

  • Diversified ad portfolios

  • Editorial style guides

  • Inclusion Audits

  • Inclusive business plans

  • Sourcing analysis and best practices

Branding & 


  • Digital content strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Conference consulting for inclusive attendee experiences

  • Event planning

  • Inclusion Audits

  • Inclusive business plans

Talent &


  • Mentorship programs

  • Inclusive Internship programs

  • Talent development

  • One-on-one or small team people management guidance

  • Online harassment protocols

  • Inclusive work space planning

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